Artist Statement

My first art teacher told me to draw what I see. My high school art teacher told me that art was knowing what mistakes to keep.  And now I’m being told to make what I want. I often reflect on why I became a creator, I always return to a quote from myself that I still holds true, “I create to remember who I am when I lose myself, finding myself.”

The content I have is multimedia. I get uncomfortable when I fall into the same process so I change it often. I like to incorporate new materials, mostly fabric. Ever since I was little I have always be fascinated with texture and how my surroundings feel. I am constantly touching walls, clothing, the ground, etc. Its my way of getting comfortable in and to understand my surroundings. This has resulted in me using materials and textures in my art to make sense of the world we live in. I will constantly rework an idea of how to combine specific medias until I get them to work in a symbiotic relationship. I explore the material and use it in different ways and push the limitations of it. 

People often ask me what the message or concept is behind my work. I reply that there is none, at least none that concerns them. I do not often try to tell the viewer anything, rather let them find a meaning that is specific to them. I do not like to dictate or limit how my work should be viewed. If anything I would say that my work is research into broad ideas for myself. I am researching and analyzing my own life and how I am connected to the world around me. Of course I am in deep thought while I create and it influences the emotion my work has. I do not think it necessary for the viewer to know what is going on in my head during my process in order to understand my piece. I want everyone to have a unique experience with my work that allows them to be in discussion with themselves and their surroundings. 


Micah Albin Sattin was born in 1996 in Cleveland, Ohio. He received his BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2018. Sattin has participated in community art projects in Cleveland such as, Rooms to Let: CLE. His work has also been exhibited at the World Trade Center in Baltimore, Palazzo dei Cartelloni in Florence, Italy, and a traveling photo exhibit shown at several high schools in the Cleveland community. His mural in Shaker Heights High School gained publicity from the Cleveland Jewish News and Jewish Public Radio of Cleveland. Micah Sattin is a currently living and working out of Cleveland, OH

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